Southern Comfort Ad Remake

Using my connections with some of the students on the first year Film & Video course at the University of South Wales, we collaborated with each other in order to quickly recreate one… Continue reading

Partly Handmade Ads

Just for a change, I decided to utilise manual methods for my billboard designs. Finger painting and playing with feathers is how I created my designs with a little help from photoshop.

Gazelle Illustration

This is my my first attempt at creating an advertisement in an illustrative fashion.

Mother’s Day Watercolour

Mother said that all she wanted for Mother’s Day was an E-Card. How lame I thought. Anyone can go online and find one in seconds. I decided to put some effort in and… Continue reading

Nancy: Digital Biography

A friend of mine told me a little about herself. I used the information to create a digital biography, complete with whimsical imagery and a leaflet-like double page spread.

Silly Sign

Quirky little illustration for fun.

5 Minute Creative Challenge

I took five minutes out of my day today to come up with a creative looking dress. Using a photograph of an Elk, I mashed and scratched the photo up and threw it… Continue reading

Westlanders: 30 Minutes of Play

Today in the middle of lectures, a layered image of a man with a canyon overlaid above him cought my eye. It was only briefly shown to me as it was part of… Continue reading

App Layout + Colour Sheme

This is a little app design I have been working on. I am hoping I will be able to utilise the layout or the colours in a future project when I start my… Continue reading

Wired Eye

View the video in HD:¬† An abstract take on Justin Mezzell’s “Big Ideas” gif animation.¬†Completely modelled in 3D using Cinema 4D, it features a short segment from Jamiroquai’s song “Rock Dust Light Star”… Continue reading