“The task, bring back or rethink an old idea, toy or game using new technologies as part of a convergent media campaign. I chose the arcade classic, Pac Man!”

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Campaign Concept:

At a shopping complex, shoppers line up to play the classic arcade game “Pac Man” inside a giant styrofoam Pac Man style grid.

Using GPS tracking, players will take on the roles of the classic game characters. The game plays out a lot like hide and go seek…. Pac Man players run around the maze evading ghosts whilst the shoppers playing as ghosts will chase and hunt down the Pac Man players. Shoppers will be prompted by advertising around the event to download a virtual map grid in order to aid navigating the real life maze.


Event Details
. The campaign will take place in five different locations around the UK, lasting a total of five weeks, gaining public and brand awareness for the digital communications brand EE.
. Events will be hosted weekly by various shopping centres around the UK such as Saint Davids shopping centre in Cardiff City.
. The players with the highest score at each shopping centre will meet on week six to battle it out against each other to become the ultimate winner of the event.
. As a build up to the final event, EE customers will have the chance to bet on their chosen winners for the chance to win free mobile data.

. The games will last 10 minutes with a total of 12 players.
. At half time, players will swap roles in order to experience both characters.
. Players need to download the EE app in order to play. They will be prompted after the game to post to Facebook and Twitter.
. The game must be played inside a real life maze that is identical to the virtual maze inside the app.
Incentives: All participants automatically win discounts to be used in the shopping centres. Thinking on brand, special pizzas shaped like Pac Man could be offered as a prize.
Bonus Prizes:
.High scorers from each of the five events will win £100 worth of voucher to be redeemed at the shopping centres along with Pac Man merchandise that they will be photographed with.
.Winners of each game played will be prompted to take a selfie in order to be displayed on the a large high-score board in the shopping centre and on an online gallery and social media.
What happens at the event?
.The event will be live streamed on the EE website. The maze will be filmed from a top down camera angle, imitating the original 2D arcade style of the original game.
. A video ad campaign will be made and shot throughout the event, documenting the innovative brand event.

In order to establish the event as an EE brand, the two characters will have two set colours. The green EE brand colour and the yellow EE brand colour which is fitting as it is the same as the standard Pac man colour in the arcade games.
Another fitting brand element is the EE dot typeface. Why? Because Pac man eats dots. You know where I’m going with this………

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