Photo Manipulation Task

I created this for a competition on The challenge was to make a celebrity look homeless. I chose  Zach Galivanakis from The Hangover and Due Date as my celebrity choice. Images used:

Halloweenify A Celebrity Contest

I entered this in a contest on The objective was to halloweenify a celebrity. I chose to make Iggy Pop look like the crypt keeper.

4 Generations

Family Tree Old woman on left Her name is Sarah Sutton nee Nash from margam Glamorgan born in 1839. On the 1911 census return she is aged 72 yrs old and is a… Continue reading

American Gothic Recreation

The tables have turned, now frankenstein has the pitchfork. The man in this image reminded me of frankenstein and so I decided to recreate this famous painting “American Gothic” with Frankenstein and his… Continue reading

Custom Mouse Pad

In my spare time I designed a mouse pad for my father and ordered it from Vista-print.

Animation Timeline Rubik’s Cube

I was tasked with finding a creative way to display a brief history of animation in the form of a timeline. I chose to create my timeline using a Rubik’s cube. I envisioned… Continue reading

Website Progress Update

I have decided to use a photograph of a sky as my background image instead of wood to be more in-keeping with the rest of the website. I will darken it so as… Continue reading

Website Progress Update

  More screen shots of my website


This is the image I manipulated to create my Battlefield 3 concept map. As you can see, I used a plethora of Photoshop techniques to create my Battlefield 3 concept art. (See earlier… Continue reading

Website Progress Update

I added a new page to my website that has my contact details and information.