Monastic Ruins II

Refer to earlier post to read about the history behind these ruins:¬†  

Monastic Ruins

These are the ruins of a Cistercian monastery called “Margam Abbey” located in South Wales. The Monastery was founded in 1147, dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Much like the Amish, the Order… Continue reading




When I look at this photograph, I immediately gaze at the sky beyond the trees. This is the reason I titled it “Beyond”. I think this is the best looking tree I will… Continue reading

Memorial Day iPhone Photographs

Today I took some photographs of different memorial statues I came across with my iPhone. Keep in mind one of the statues was still under construction which I thought was a real shame… Continue reading

Legacies Carved In Bark

I was hiking through the mountains in the south of Wales when I came across two large trees that had the names and dates of people carved into them. The location of the… Continue reading

Welsh Countryside

Margam Park is my favourite place to visit when I want to go for a walk because it is so well maintained and beautiful. If you ever want to see nature and architecture… Continue reading

Twisted Tree

I took this photograph mid summer in a Welsh nature reserve using my iPad


I took this photograph summer time in Margam Park with my iPad.


This is what I think of when I hear “Skyfall”. This is an image I created for a contest on