The Challenge
Create beautifully designed limited edition ‘Fever Tree Tonic Water’ bottles based on malaria-affected areas to engage customers and raise money for Malaria No More UK.

The Insight
The discovery of quinine, tonic’s key ingredient, was one of the most significant discoveries in medical history. Quinine’s anti-malarial properties have saved millions of lives since the early 1600s and now, ‘Fever Tree’ want to help bring an end to malaria and save millions more lives from this preventable and treatable disease. Malaria is a disease that still kills approximately 180,000 children under five each year in the Congo – the very area where the brand sources their quinine.

The Innovation
Years of personal experience moonlighting as a nightclub bartender gave me the knowledge that tonic water actually glows in the presence of ultraviolet light. Later, further research into the phenomenon revealed that ‘Quinine’ is the culprit of the strange glow. Perfect, lets make a truly spectacular limited edition bottle that’s designed to be different!


The Story
The objective. Tell the rich story of the brands key ingredient ‘quinine’ and its ties to history and anti malarial properties, the story begins with the question “why is it glowing?”