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Texture Experiment

As part of my project, I must show evidence of experimentation. I created an interesting lamp design to showcase the textures and wrote some complete bull-poop to go along with it because that… Continue reading

Making A Background

I accidentally created this background today when playing around with the Gaussian blur settings in photoshop. I love it when you get something so great out of an accident. History Time In 1945,… Continue reading

Basic Product Design

What I think about when designing. Today I am going to talk about what I think makes a good product design and why. The goal is to design a visually pleasing object by… Continue reading

3D Product Design (Faraday Container)

What is this? Well I am wondering what it could be myself. I am trying to create a product and build it in 3D. I if anyone has any suggestions of what this… Continue reading

Monastic Ruins VII

Monastic Ruins VI

I am pretty much done with my pictures of these ruins from the summer. I will be going back when it snows to grab some photographs. With the snow comes new possibilities. When… Continue reading

Monastic Ruins V



Photo Manipulation Task

I created this for a competition on worth100.com. The challenge was to make a celebrity look homeless. I chose  Zach Galivanakis from The Hangover and Due Date as my celebrity choice. Images used: http://i.imgur.com/DY5q3.jpg