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Sketchbook App Drawing

Today, I created a background for my iPad using a sketching app called Sketchbook Express. I don’t usually use painting software but I decided to give it a try and I am amazed… Continue reading


This is a quick postcard I made using one of the pictures my digital camera had of me on it. I had a great time in Barcelona, visiting some of the landmarks and… Continue reading

3D Bar Stool

This is the latest edition to my line of fictitious 3D products.I have quite a lot of work that I have not yet posted as I have been extremely busy with work and… Continue reading

Graffiti Beetle

This piece of art pays tribute to some of my favourite graffiti/street artists. Combined to make a shell pattern are various works of graffiti that I have manipulated. – See if you can… Continue reading

Texture Experiment

As part of my project, I must show evidence of experimentation. I created an interesting lamp design to showcase the textures and wrote some complete bull-poop to go along with it because that… Continue reading

Making A Background

I accidentally created this background today when playing around with the Gaussian blur settings in photoshop. I love it when you get something so great out of an accident. History Time In 1945,… Continue reading

3D Product Design

Fictitious Products

Currently, I am hard at work…. dreaming up fictitious products and creating them in 3D. This is my latest product. What is the product you ask? I have not decided yet but my… Continue reading

Concept Product Design

In one of my previous posts, I posted a design for a product and asked the WordPress community for original ideas on what that product could be. I got some great feedback and… Continue reading

3D Product Design (Faraday Container)

What is this? Well I am wondering what it could be myself. I am trying to create a product and build it in 3D. I if anyone has any suggestions of what this… Continue reading