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Fictitious Products

Currently, I am hard at work…. dreaming up fictitious products and creating them in 3D. This is my latest product. What is the product you ask? I have not decided yet but my… Continue reading

3D Product Design (Faraday Container)

What is this? Well I am wondering what it could be myself. I am trying to create a product and build it in 3D. I if anyone has any suggestions of what this… Continue reading


This is what I think of when I hear “Skyfall”. This is an image I created for a contest on

Photo Manipulation Task

I created this for a competition on The challenge was to make a celebrity look homeless. I chose  Zach Galivanakis from The Hangover and Due Date as my celebrity choice. Images used:

Halloweenify A Celebrity Contest

I entered this in a contest on The objective was to halloweenify a celebrity. I chose to make Iggy Pop look like the crypt keeper.

Custom Mouse Pad

In my spare time I designed a mouse pad for my father and ordered it from Vista-print.

Animation Timeline Rubik’s Cube

I was tasked with finding a creative way to display a brief history of animation in the form of a timeline. I chose to create my timeline using a Rubik’s cube. I envisioned… Continue reading

Polo shirt design

Polo shirt design

Clwb Hwyl polo shirt design for Ysgol Griffith Jones, St.Clears

Penhryn Battlefield

Penhryn Battlefield

I made a concept map for Battlefield 3. This was created using a picture of Penhryn Castle and a lot of effort in Photoshop.